Life as a Camel

Oops! I missed last Thursday’s Thought, didn’t I?

Here is my most apologetic attempt to redeem myself on this, the last day of 2013 with something ultra cute:



This little cheeky warrior and I trekked through the Thar desert just outside Jaisalmer, India in May of this year. I could barely set foot on the sand in the heavy, humid 50 degree Celcius weather, so I have to say I really appreciated him lending me his hump. His expression I managed to capture on camera suggests he wasn’t too bothered by my company, either.

…seriously, as if that doesn’t make you smile and maybe – just maybe – forget the fact I’ve been a bad blogger this year.

Now, when I asked my brother to photoshop the camel in the background out (which apparently no one but me noticed… until now, of course), this was what I received in return:

India looks good on me, no?

India looks good on me, no?

So there you have it: I’ve now made public what I’d look like as a camel. Insert your jokes here.

I hope all of you take time today to reflect on the year gone by. I’m not much of an advocate for New Year’s resos, but if you must make one, try this: vow to make 2014 your best year yet. No matter how many great things you accomplished or experienced in 2013, challenge yourself to add something extra special to that list so that when December 31st of next year rolls around, you’ll go, “Huh – I really out-did myself.” …and then repeat.

Here’s to a year full of love, laughter, and art.

See all you beautiful people in 2014.



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