This Thursday’s Thought

It seems the time change is playing into my favour this week. Though it may be Friday afternoon here in Australia (which I’m learning is meant to be pronounced as ‘Straya’), I’m still able to catch the tail end of Thursday back home in Canada.

With a week or so now under my belt on the other side of the world, I have to say I’m really loving this country the second time around. The reasons for this are two-fold: I’ve been surrounded by truly incredible, welcoming people, and I’ve also had plenty of down time to kick back and think bigger picture for my brand, my business, and myself. So far, this country and the people in it have turned out to be my muses, and I’m doing my best to channel all this inspiration into something really great.

How did I get here, though? Well, I could give you the cop out answer and tell you my flight path took me through Denver, Los Angeles, and Sydney to Melbourne, but I can do that one better. I found myself in Australia because I traded in a “What if…?” for a “Yes, let’s!” That’s why I thought this quote was fitting for this Thursday’s Thought:


I’m not saying you need to traverse thousands of kilometres in search of adventure. Quite the contrary: adventure is waiting for you at your doorstep. At the park down the street. At that avant-garde café you’ve been meaning to visit.

We are all deliciously interesting and inquisitive minds, so allow yourself to delve into the shelves of your imagination and see what you find. When you inevitably find something that hits home for you, don’t just think on it… make it happen!

Life can be an epic adventure if you let it.



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