This Thursday’s Thought

Well, it’s official: this morning I woke up to frost on my windshield. With each successive morning this week the weather has gotten progressively colder and my car heater has had to work just a little harder on my commute to the office. We all knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Fall, why must you be so short-lived? I’m not ready to fish my window scraper out of the garage…

Some (most?) of you probably lift yourselves out of bed in the morning and beeline for the coffee maker. Despite working in Cubicle Land, I can say with confidence that I am not, could not, and will never be a coffee drinker. At the risk of subjecting myself to a rioting outcry, I just don’t get the PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) hype, you guys.

Tea, though. Tea is a different story. For me, nothing pairs better with cool weather than a hot cup of tea, a good book, an oversized knit, and a pair of fuzzy socks. My reserve of Masala chai leaves I bought in Rishikesh is starting to deplete, so if any of you WordPressers across the pond in India feel compelled to ship another few boxes my way, I will gladly accept them…

What’s interesting is that in India, chai is consumed at any time and in any weather. It is customary for shop owners – whether you’re in the business of train tickets or block printing – to offer you a steaming hot cup of chai upon your arrival. It is considered bad taste to refuse this offer. Even though there were times when the prospect of a hot beverage on a day when temperatures hovered around 50 degrees Celsius made my stomach turn, that tea is too damn delicious not to drink. Maybe that’s why I live in a city whose winters dip down to 50 degrees below zero… Groan. At least the tea tastes better this way.

Click here for an Instructable on a watered-down version (no pun intended) of how to make your own authentic Indian Masala chai. (How wonderful are Instructables, by the by?!) I’m partial to the idea of adding cinnamon and nutmeg in light of the upcoming holiday season and will definitely give that a go.

Since I can’t reasonably offer each one of my readers their own, home-brewed cup, here’s a little picture diary of what’s on my mind:






This week be sure to stay warm and snuggle!




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