This Thursday’s Thought

There are two particularly incompatible qualities about me:

  1. I love to bite off more than I can chew.
  2. I love to procrastinate chewing.

Now that might sound like a strange metaphor, but hear me out. What I’m intending to say is that I love the idea of being busy, yet find that when I’ve over-committed myself, I have the tendency to shut down and do absolutely nothing at all. In recent months this has come to be known as panicking. Case in point: on Tuesday my intentions of editing were foiled by a long, soothing bath and my latest read – The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. If you’ve ever read Middlesex, you’ll understand why I had such a tough time putting it down.

I suppose this leaves me with two solutions:

  1. Learn how to say “No.”
  2. Stop procrastinating!

The jury’s still out on this one…

I came across this image through Pinterest and thought it fitting to include this week. I’m sure many of you – and especially those still in school who are on the cusp of mid-term/paper season – can relate to one or more of these:

Where do YOU land on this grid? And if you’re in such denial to believe you’re in no way a procrastinator… please teach me your secrets, because I want to live in your world.

I read somewhere that the things you do in your spare time (or, alternately, in the time spent procrastinating) are indicative of what you ought to pursue in your life. I used to procrastinate my “real life stuff” with writing and editing, but since launching a side business doing those very things, I now tend to put off my work in favour of ‘Jess time.’ So… unless my powers of deductive reasoning deceive me, I think that suggests I’m meant to be a funemployed bum, doing whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want.

Back to the grind… for now… maybe…




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