5 Leadership Tips for Introverts | Inc.com

I’ve recently become hooked on Inc.com, a website catering to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Chock full of inspiring stories and credible resources, this website (alongside a complement of print magazines) is fast becoming my preferred form of productive procrastination when I ought to be working.

Stephanie Meyers posted an article concerning introverts in the business world. While most might suspect we (yes, I’m officially staking my claim as a proud introvert!) are certain to flounder, the truth is that our unique skill sets translate with ease into business strengths full of impact. Click below to view it in its entirety:

5 Leadership Tips for Introverts | Inc.com.

Here’s a quick recap of those five tips from author Jennifer Kahnweiler:

  1. Spend solo time thinking about strategy. Take time-outs to gain clarity and perspective that you can then face head on… when you’re ready.
  2. Use the power of one-on-one conversations. While you can still make an impact on a large volume of people as a public speaker, there’s something to be said about the quality of rapport you can develop when it’s just you and one other person – and the ease with which it can be developed.
  3. Notice who the other ‘quiet influencers’ are. No, you’re not the lone introvert in the business world. Seek out like-minded individuals and mine their busy minds.
  4. Identify what you want to change. Introverts spend a lot of time observing, and that’s a fact. Make for productive observation by taking mental stock of issues or inconsistencies – inter- or intra-personal – and then refer to Tip #1.
  5. Make the most of social networking. Over time, our online presence has become part and parcel to our ‘physical presence’ (i.e., your brand). Social media affords us the opportunity to raise our voice without having to speak.
image source: weheartit.com

image source: weheartit.com

I have to say, I love the recent push in introversion recognition. From Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking to this article from the Huffington Post, we are embodying precisely Kahnweiler’s fifth prescript and making social media work for us.

To quiet celebration!




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