This Thursday’s Thought

A definite pattern has emerged in my weekly posts: namely that I include some type of quote and an image I’ve typically scavenged from We Heart It, one of my favourite websites marrying Pinterest and Tumblr.

This week, however, I thought I’d try something a little different.

Item #25 on my “Twenty-Five for Twenty-Five” list (a series of to-do’s that is becoming impressively shorter with my birthday about two months away) is as follows:

Buy an SLR camera and learn how to use it.

Last Christmas I gifted myself a Nikon D3200 and enrolled in an ‘SLR for Dummies’ course just prior to my three week stint in India. While overseas, I took nearly 1,000 photos – which now leaves me in a cloud of anxiety over how on earth I’m going to pare down and edit them! – but I’ve let this hobby drop off almost altogether since returning home in June.

That is, until I was driving home alone from a much-needed weekend in Calgary with one of my closest girlfriends, Missy. Now, historically I do everything in my power to avoid driving alone (and just about anything else, too), but over the last four months I’ve really come to embrace how pleasant this type of independence can be. I was in complete control (some would even say behind the wheel) of when, where, and for how long I stopped along the way.

Shortly after crossing over from Alberta into Saskatchewan, I was compelled to whip across the highway onto a farmer’s grid road and snap a few Saskatchewan-esque photos in the setting sun.

I present to you, my dear readers, beauty that requires no words:

the prettiest prairie | (c) JR 2013

the prettiest prairie | (c) JR 2013

Sometimes all we need to do is detour from the fast-track and really see what it is we are looking at.

To all my photographer friends: bring on the [de]constructive feedback!

To all my fellow Saskatchewanians: keep searching for/creating opportunity to allow our arts and culture scene to flourish. We are a province of young, creative, and talented entrepreneurs; it’s time we showcase what an attractive place we live in.

Cheers to beautiful people and beautiful places.


PS – This week marks my 50th Thursday Thought! Who ever would have thought this fleeting idea would develop into such an integral piece of my mid-week? I owe it all to your love, your encouragement, and your patience.



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