This Thursday’s Thought

If you refer back to last week’s post, you will recall I have some exceptionally smart, wise friends.

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll also know I am currently embarking on the “month of Jess”: a three-week stint in northern India followed by the Sasquatch music festival at the Gorge in Washington to round out my May.

This thought, shared by a friend I hold especially close to my heart, applies not only to travel, but also to the journey of life:

Live life with your eyes open. Take in everything, even if in some moments things are hard to see. Enjoy every sight, for what you will regret most is the things you miss when your eyes are shut.

Everything happens for a reason. It is my mission this month to keep my eyes and mind as open as possible.

I hope to have semi-regular access to wifi to keep you, my beloved readers, in the loop on my travels. For those of you reading from abroad and/or who have travel tips to share: please, please do!

Missing everyone back home but waiting in anticipation to board our final flight from Frankfurt to New Delhi. Here is where you’ll find me for the next seven hours:


Peace and much love,



2 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought

  1. Saturday afternoon here in Saskatoon…. Thinking of our Jessica and waiting to here more of the story unfold. Travel safe, look after each other, make friends, share stories….
    Much Love,
    Ricky & Bem


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