This Thursday’s Thought

As a change of pace, this week I’m going to offer up one of my own thoughts and not one I’ve borrowed from someone else.

Lately I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the flood of love, support, and well-wishings from friends and family around the world. If it’s true what they say that we are the product of our environment, I am bound for greatness in large part because I am surrounded by greatness.

This led to the semi-conscious invention of the Jess Jar. I’ve started recording all the beautiful insight and wisdom from the people in my life and housing it in a special place. When days are dark, I can go to the Jess Jar and know it is full of tiny, inspirational fireflies.


It might sound cheesy, but I think we all deserve a jar. Whether you want to fill it with compliments, with lessons people have learned the hard way, or with that one joke that never fails to put a smile on your face… I say treat yourself to the people around you, because every person in your life is a gift and you’re allowed to open those presents. I accept the reality that not everyone will always be by my side… but at least I know I’ll find them in my Jess Jar.

I retract my statement – this does sound cheesy, but I like it all the same.

Love one another.



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