This Thursday’s Thought

I’ve spent this week in a five-day training session with a number of my co-workers from our government agency, learning the “ins and outs” of a department I have spent upwards of three years with. Oh, the joys of mandatory training. In all honesty, though, it’s not that bad.

That is, except for one (well, three) incidents. Over the past four days, I’ve been accosted by this phrase:

Do you know who you remind me of?

So far I bear resemblance to someone’s sister-in-law; one of someone’s closest girlfriends; and Disney diva Demi Lovato (seriously?!).

From Avril Lavigne (also a ‘seriously?!’ reaction) to Sarah Michelle Gellar to my personal favourite, Zooey Deschanel, I’ve found myself over the years listening to others tell me how I look/act/remind them of someone that isn’t me.

While all of these women are unique and beautiful (especially Zooey – yes, I have a girl crush) and I’m flattered to be plotted among the likes of them, I can’t help feeling a tiny bit of resent as a small piece of my sense of self walks off the property.

Here’s today’s thought from the world’s most trustworthy doctor:


So go ahead and be youer than you. Who knows? Maybe one day someone will approach Miss Demi and let her know how much she looks like me!




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