This Thursday’s Thought

With the simultaneous end of the academic semester and the fiscal year fast approaching, I’m up to my ears in work at both jobs. The past few weeks have been many things (stressful, very stressful, entertaining, trying, etc…) but I can truthfully say you won’t find “sleep-deprived” on that list.

This has been my trick for success (and to be clear, I consider retaining even the smallest shred of my sanity a win):

Love where you lay.

Let the records show that any sexual undertones are purely coincidental…

Make time for sleep, whether it’s little sleeps, middle sleeps, or big sleeps. The creative bits of your brain will thank you for it. While the social platitude “Everything can wait until tomorrow” isn’t always true, what matters is that we need sleep! and to rest that pretty head.

You want to ace that presentation and recall facts and figures from the deep, dark crevices of your brain? Get some sleep.

You want to show up to work looking fresh-faced and bright-eyed? Get some sleep.

Here’s a few beds I wouldn’t mind calling Mike’s and my own, all pinned to my Pinterest page:

a picturesque moroccan-inspired bedroom. [photo cred:]

a picturesque moroccan-inspired bedroom.
[photo cred:

circle sleeps.[photo cred:]

circle sleeps.
[photo cred:

sail away.[photo cred:]

sail away.
[photo cred:

Happy napping!




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