This Thursday’s Thought

Unfortunately, my blog has become the subject of emotional abuse and neglect as of late. I am frequently struck by inspiration (my iPhone notepad/camera roll can testify to this), but by the time I am able to park myself in front of my home computer, I tend to be mere minutes from a TKO.

This week’s quote, however, was too good to pass up and is worth pushing through my granny-esque exhaustion. It’s simple yet thought-provoking, which resonates with the whole purpose and function of the blog. That, and I just generally love it.

On a vacation to my home-away-from-home (AKA chez mom and dad), I finally got around to cracking open a book I’ve been anticipating ever since it flew off the shelf and into my hands at a bookstore earlier this year.

The book? ‘The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and their Patients‘ by Irvin D. Yalom, a world-renowned psychiatrist whose insights on death and dying shaped my honours thesis years ago.


Here’s what Dr. Yalom had to say:

Introspection is always retrospection.

In other words: we cannot look inside ourselves without peering into the past.

In other other words: our ever-shifting sense of self is moulded by memory – a rather vulnerable and malleable material.

When you stop and really give these four words some thought, they carry a lot of weight. So stop and let them weigh heavy.

What does it mean to you… to be you?




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