This Thursday’s Thought

Sometimes things don’t turn out quite as we expected.

So what?

Roll with it. (Chances are, it’s not that big a deal anyway…)


This is the attitude I’m trying to apply to all avenues of my life this year and one I thought I should share with you this week.

Practice flexibility.

Practice your mental flexibility. From crosswords to conversation, make engaging that big, beautiful, bountiful brain of yours a habit.

Practice your physical flexibility. Stretch. Bend. Twist. Unwind. If you do what makes your body feel good, over time it will only feel better.

Practice your psychological flexibility. I call this self-care – a structured way to remember to love ourselves. A close, wise, and wonderful friend of mine shared this link with me today, and I think it suits psychological flexibility to a tee.

I can’t help but share a quick snippet from Miss Mara Glatzel:

I have grown to think of myself as both sprawling landscape and trusted groundskeeper. I care for myself now, not because I have to, but because I find myself so heart-achingly beautiful and intriguing, I cannot help myself.

Make sure you love yourself on a good day, and forgive yourself on a bad one.

A simple thought, but one so simple we often forget about it entirely.


PS – I realize I am hanging onto Thursday by my teeth this week… It’s called being flexible, people!


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