This Thursday’s Thought

I believe good things find us every day, but the best seem to creep into my line of vision on Thursdays.

By now, most of your Facebook feeds have turned your attention to Shane Koyczan, a (Canadian!) spoken word guru whose commanding and powerful vocals have propelled the To This Day Project into fame overnight. Trust me, it’s worth a watch.

A few weeks prior to the unprecedented and encouraging explosion of Koyczan’s anti-bullying campaign, a friend of Mike’s gifted him Koyczan’s ‘Remembrance Year’ CD in hopes of making a bad week better.

And it would have, had the CD not been buried somewhere between our bills, receipts for prescription medication, and my Nikon user manual.

Yesterday, just hours before stumbling upon this video, Mike tracked down the CD, uploaded it to his computer, and listened top to bottom.

When I arrived home from work this afternoon, I was running on empty and wanted nothing more than to resign myself to my sweatpants and sleep. That is, until I heard this:

ko muk, thailand | 2012

ko muk, thailand | 2012

Sometimes we don’t realize what we needed to hear until we stop and listen. Maybe it’s my circumstance, maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s some sort of freakish planetary alignment, but I have never, never been so moved by words… and that’s a big claim for a born and bred writer and reader to make.

Remember now.

Pay tribute to every sacrifice laid upon the altar of somehow. For all the times somehow we overcame. Somehow we pushed on. Somehow we’ve gone the distance and in going there we possess the freedom to map the unchartered lands of any and everywhere.

We are unbound.

Six feet above the underground where we will all one day rest. So until then test the limits. Test the boundaries and borders. As if the headquarters of potential lay just beyond the world’s edge, let the belief that hope belongs to us all be the pledge you take to make the unachievable as inconceivable as the false fact that we were never here.

We were here.

And our memories are as dear to us as every slow motion moment to held breath. So remember every instant before death. Every first kiss, first dance, near miss, last chance, yes, no, maybe so, let’s go the distance once more. Let us remember all the moments that were and were not. Like the point is something we can get and what we can get is what we’ve got. Because all we have are the times between the moments. We connect each dot.

So live and remember.

Burn like an ember capable of starting fires, like each moment inspires the next. (…) Look directly in every mirror. Realize that our reflection is the first sentence to our story, and our story starts: we were here.

An enormous thank you! to Ayla for bringing this lyrical masterpiece into my life.






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