This Thursday’s Thought (on a Friday)

After 30 weeks of Thursday Thoughts on Thursday, I finally broke my win streak. Rest assured this blog was prepared yesterday but due to technical difficulties (read: I got busy) it’s coming to you a few hours late. My apologies to those who stayed up all night hitting refresh on their browser in anticipation for a little dose of creative inspiration from yours truly.

…I’m kidding, but I really am sorry.

Here goes:

I’ve always been partial to this quote made famous by Neale Ronald Walsch, author of Conversations with God:

Let’s take these Thursday Thoughts, for example. After thirty-one weeks, this weekly commitment has become familiar, routine (well, with the exception of this slight deviation), and comfortable. Great! However, my next step now is to challenge myself by tackling new approaches to and styles of writing. In doing this, I open myself up to opportunities I might never have considered, all the while diversifying my arsenal of tools as a professional. Without giving away too much information, I can tell you some new, exciting (for me, anyway) things are on the horizon. Simply put: most of the time, new things feel good and are rewarding! Or, if nothing else, they mix it up and keep life interesting.

Here’s what this week is all about (according to JR): choose to push yourself a little further today than you thought you could go yesterday.

Keep creating,



3 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought (on a Friday)

  1. How serendipitous that I stumbled upon your blog today. That’s such a pertinent message for me at the moment and one I shall ruminate on all weekend 🙂

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