This Thursday’s Thought

summer reading

photo cred: ruminatrix

I had planned a post about transitions for this Thursday, but about five minutes ago a link from a friend on Facebook stopped me in my tracks. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share it with you this week.

A meditation on why to date a girl who travels. Click. Read. Re-read. Share.

There are two things (I said things, not people) I love above all else: the written word and travel.

So why did this link resonate with me? Well, let me tell you…

The only note posted to my Facebook page is a just-for-fun writing exercise turned infamous essay from Philippine writer Rosemarie Urquico on why to date a girl who reads. The essay went viral on Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and virtually every other social media platform out there within days of its e-birth. As the titles might suggest, the travel piece was inspired by Urquico’s poignant and inspired piece about what we bookish girls really have to offer.

A little research revealed that Urquico originally posted her mini-essay in a Facebook note and tagged a few of her friends, expecting nothing to come of it. It’s amazing how things come full circle, since that very essay has been a key piece of my own Facebook DNA for years now.

Below is a screen grab of one of my favourite paragraphs (who am I kidding – they’re all my favourites):


I also stumbled upon this article about dating an illiterate girl instead. I think they call that settlingAvoid settling.

Perhaps this is a sign I ought to write the next, logical segment in the series: date a girl who reads AND travels.




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