This Thursday’s Thought

Yesterday I learned that January 10th is the “it” day to leave your infant New Year’s resolution out in the cold. (If you’re in Saskatchewan, you’ll know that’s a fatal decision, since it’s really, really cold here.) I imagine this stat grew from confession after confession from Joe and Joanne Blow about when they decided the gym was “too crowded” and that life was not worth living without a daily Starbucks fix. If it’s true that a habit takes 21 days to form, this stat tells me we tend to quit at the half-way mark. What a tragic disappointment.

Fortunately, I’ve kept true to my 25-for-25 resolutions (although I’ve been terrible at updating them on the blog, and for that I apologize) that I made in lieu of New Year’s resolutions. I want to take today to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who continue to stand by whatever commitment you made this year. You have officially passed the 21-day mark and are on your way to whatever it is you want to do or whoever it is you want to be.

In the spirit of honouring commitments, I enrolled Mike and I in an East Indian cooking course this evening to check off #10 on my list. A unique date night and home-made Naan bread? Um…
YES PLEASE. Just thinking about it takes me back to all the aromatic, flavourful Muslim food that filled our bellies through Malaysia and Singapore…


More to come!




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