This Thursday’s Thought

I’m sure the blogosphere will be full of believers and non-believers alike speculating about the imminent arrival of Friday, December 21, 2012: the end of the world as we know it. (I feel fine.)

As you know, Michael and I spent last week in Huatulco, Mexico, a tourist development that has somehow managed to retain a sense of warmth and community. It’s no secret the Mayans have a historical and lasting influence on many Mexican people, so we were interested to see local reactions to the so-called “Mayan apocalypse.” While most locals we spent time with were quick to dispel rumours about the world ending, we laughed when we spotted this countdown in the Huatulco airport, sandwiched between the ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Departure’ screens:


Earlier in the week, we trolled the internet with our neighbours at the condo complex for the gory details about how exactly we’d all meet our demise. We stumbled upon this list of past and future ‘apocalyptic’ event predictions and laughed at how many times mankind (or some subset of it) has bought into a fruitless hype. My personal favourite is the “Big Rip” in Year 22,000,000,000, where expansion will cause the universe to physically tear to pieces. I wish I could secure a front row seat for that one…

To be short: just in case the world ends tomorrow, I’d like to sincerely thank each and every one of you who have stood by my side to read, to recommend, to edit (yes, even editors need editors), to praise, and to share.

Keep creating (for one more day, anyway).




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