This Thursday’s Thought

We Saskatchewanians are sinking into what has already proven to be a cold, snowy winter. While there are aspects I could do without (like my car’s inability to make it one day without getting stuck and me having to play ‘Damsel in Distress’ to find a push), winter weather makes room for a lot of wonderful things: scarves, chunky knits, boots, Christmas parties, and hot chocolate.

(A big thank you/I love you to my sweetheart for welcoming me home yesterday after a long day at the office and an even longer let’s-un-stick-my-stuck-car fiasco with my favourite mug filled to the  brim with chocolatey goodness.)



I thought I’d take this post one step further than a simple quote and see what my fellow WordPressers were brewing in their kitchens. Here’s a taste (bad pun, sorry) of what I found:

  • Salted caramel hot chocolate (AKA the “winter tummy warmer”) from Beautiful Sunshine:

And my personal favourite… Chai spiced hot chocolate from Lahloo Tea:

heaven on earth. image c/o

heaven on earth. image c/o

Cheers to snuggling up on the couch and staying warm.



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