Before I die, I want to…

A daily dose of inspiration for you wonderful people out there in the e-niverse c/o TED, my favourite space for  bite-sized pieces of knowledge.

The speaker in this video is Candy Chang, a global innovator who grounds her art in “civic engagement and personal well-being.”

As Chang explained, any space can be beautiful.


the abandoned house: before TLC

has the potential to become this:

the abandoned house: after TLC

I think that’s pretty profound and speaks to a global truth: we work better together.

A similar concept wall was erected at the 2011 Regina Folk Festival, one of my favourite summer traditions. Below is a photo of what I wrote (and that is still true today):

(FYI: the text above mine does, in fact, read ‘punt a dwarf.’)

How would YOU fill in the blank?

Before I die, I want to…


2 responses to “Before I die, I want to…

  1. I think I would fill it in with the same statement you did! Or alternatively: Before I die, I want to be grateful that I have lived.
    I really love this post, and the beautiful ‘wall of dreams’. Thank you for inspiration!
    And thank you for taking time to read and comment on my blog too. : )


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