This Thursday’s Thought

This week I’ve succumbed (regrettably) to workaholism: I spend all day at the office, only to come home to write, blog, and research all night. And while I love all three of those things (says the nerdy psychology grad), I’ve failed to heed this sound advice:

With each successive morning, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to displace my tired bones from my bed and into my sub-zero car to start my morning commute. Like it or not, your body knows when you haven’t taken the rest you deserve, and you will be punished for it. Despite that fact, though, I’ve done my best to push through and keep a smile on my face… sort of like this tiny sweetheart, who I hope will be worth as many smiles and laughs for you as he was for me:

It is often the case that [almost] everything can wait until tomorrow. Why throw yourself into overdrive when you could do this instead:

the ultimate good feeling

Sweet dreams,


4 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought

  1. I usually work on too little sleep. Even when I do go to bed early (uhh, earlier) my mind can’t turn off and actually get rest. So I wind up doing things on too little rest, and obviously it’s hard to get things done as well as I could. *shame* What can I do? I’m nocturnal, and a writer, and a daydreamer to make things worse. Eventually I’ll have to fix this…

    • Jacque, I’m with you 150%. I often approach my computer with intentions of blogging (and nothing else), but I find my finger on the trackpad wandering unconsciously towards all the “junk food” I keep on my Bookmark Bar: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. [Entertaining] time kills, all of them, but not worth bags under my eyes.

      Thanks for the comment!


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