The Words We Didn’t Write

The only phrase I hate more than, “It’s not you – it’s me” is, “Why read the book when you can watch the movie?


Even a real Twi-hard (did I just say that?) would tell you a movie can’t ever give proper credence to a book – although Robert Pattinson is far from an eyesore. Even if a movie tries really, really hard, the fact of the matter is this: you are being subjected to one interpretation of a story. Why be limited when you can let your own imagination take the wheel and drive?

I found a good article on my latest time-suck discovery Flavorwire written post-NaNo 2011 about the best way to spend your December: reading. I couldn’t agree more. December is, for many, a month synonymous with chaos. Between holidays, family gatherings, more food than your poor stomach can/should handle, Christmas parties, wrapping presents, and maybe a bit of sleep, we are all better off when we gift ourselves a bit of down time. 

photo cred: Pinterest

Those of you who aren’t introverted might scoff at the linkage of ‘reading’ and ‘re-charging,’ but I challenge you to try it. If I’m wrong, is the fact you read a book really so bad?

Thanks to Flavorwire contributor Emily Temple for leading me to the discovery of my new favourite quote (c/o Anne Lamott) about reading:

What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world. Worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet, or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we behave. They show us what community and friendship mean. They show us how to live and die.

Our new chaise lounge – a perfect place to cozy up and read – is scheduled to arrive December 4th. The timing couldn’t be better! And don’t fool yourselves for a second thinking I’d actually buy a tacky floral pattern like this; you’d better believe I custom ordered it in a sultry, charcoal grey instead. 

where the [word] magic happens

Here’s a few other sensational reading spaces I’ve pinned throughout my many Pinterest boards. A girl can dream… and I happen to have a lot of dreams.

a fort for grown-ups

warm and weathered

crisp white with vintage decor

me to a tee

To all the NaNo’ers out there: which books do you have lined up for December? (Also, congratulations on meeting the half-way mark – a mere 20,000 odd words to go!) 


3 responses to “The Words We Didn’t Write

  1. Perfect reading spaces; my dream would be an old wicker chair sitting in between a bookshelf and a lamp, with a window on the side. I’ve bought 15 new books and am through 4 so far :D. Reading can never get old


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