This Thursday’s Thought

…are we seriously half-way through November?!

My mind has been fixed on the concept of change lately (though apparently not on the passage of time), for a thousand reasons and without reason simultaneously.

This week I think I’ll let the quote do the talking, only because I believe it was mystically pulled straight from my brain and translated into a cute, doodle-esque graphic: 


Since we’re on the subject of change, I’m going to gush about my favourite jewellery brand ever. EVER.

Pyrrha is a Vancouver, BC based brand specializing in sterling silver talisman pendants. Here’s a quick rundown for you on what they’re all about:

[Danielle and Wade Wilmore] designed the Pyrrha Talisman collection after they came across a box of 19th century wax seals. “Making jewelry out of them was inspired by a desire to give the fragile waxes new life and permanence.” say Danielle and Wade. The handcrafted, thoughtful pieces are a striking contrast to the glut of overseas factory made, mass produced jewelry that is so common in their industry.

As if their premise isn’t appealing enough, once you browse through their product you will become another fashionable Pyrrha victim. I tend to stalk their website every few weeks to see which pieces they’ve added to the pendant collection, and it just so happens one of their latest additions is this “Embrace Change” talisman:


My own Pyrrha is around my neck at all times… except in the photo below. This snap was taken minutes after I opened the bubble sealer envelope I was elated to find on my doorstep, shipped with love and care from Violette Boutique, my shopping sanctuary while living in Victoria.


I am of the belief that my Pyrrha (Victrix Fortuna Sapientia) has a lot to do with change, too. When we are wise, we take responsibility for and ownership of our reality, no matter the emotional climate. This necklace was meant to memorialize an important transitory period in my life, and each day I am reminded of the strength and courage implicit in wisdom.

Here’s to all the little changes/life preservers keeping us afloat.



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