A ‘Super Doo-Per’ Birthday Gift

There are two things I know for sure in this life:

1 – We must take care of our planet, because she’s the only one we’ve got; and

2 – Snail mail kicks the crap out of e-mail every day of the week. Unless it’s bills, in which case I’m not sure which is worse…

Yesterday I was elated to find a happy yellow envelope from my best friend Sarah waiting for me in our mail slot. Here’s a snap of what I found inside…

a journal made from elephant poop!

There’s no better way to tell if your friend’s a keeper than if she sends you a pile of shit in the mail. [I love you, Sarah!]

Here’s a bit of background information, copied directly from the journal:

With all the concern these days about deforestation and the need to recycle, [PooPooPaper] products are  fantastic example of sustainability and responsible consumption. We take a material in abundance – elephant poo – and make functional and completely useful products, all the while sparing lots of trees in the process.

That’s right – here’s the scoop! Elephants eat lots of grass every day and they poo almost as much! Since their digestive systems don’t really break down the grass all that well, their poo has plenty of fiber. Seeing as though grass is fiber and fiber is the base material used in making pulp for paper, well, we figured we could probably use it to make our Elephant PooPooPaper!

Although I have a hard time taking a business called PooPooPaper seriously (I mean, come on – their slogan is TWO BUMS UP!), I give props to their eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious business concept. Rather than have me gush to you about all the ways these guys are doing it right, read their key commitments here. With a flat rate shipping fee of $5.50, you may as well have a browse and grab a journal for yourself!

All PooPooPaper products are manufactured in Thailand, and I had the pleasure of meeting their ‘muses’ firsthand while backpacking through there this past spring:

smooching my baby Buchu | Chiang Mai, Thailand | 2012

Riding an elephant bareback was always on my bucket list (now with an uber satisfying check mark next to it!) because I’ve loved these animals – and, well, all animals – since the get-go. This journal re-connects me to Thailand and to all the people, places, smells (yep, had to go there), and memories I took in over our four month adventure.

Sarah said she “instantly thought of me” when she saw this book post finishing the Oasis 10K Zoo Run at the Toronto Zoo, the largest in Canada and among the largest in the world. It’s a pretty heart-warming (?) sentiment to know an automatic connection is made between myself, a journal… and poo.

Sarah and her wonderful girlfriend, Dawn, mid-way through the Oasis 10K Zoo Run [very proud of you two babes!] | Toronto, ON | 2012

I will now replace the classic self-deprecating statement, “My writing is shit!” with, “My writing is on shit!

If you know of any other ‘go green’ writing initiatives out there, please share!



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