This Thursday’s Thought

This week I’d like to pay homage to the old adage age is just a number.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will be in a new age bracket. Farewell, “18 – 24”…

I won’t lie: at first, this realization scared the shit out of me. I’ll have a quarter century’s worth of life experience, but this begs the question: in which aspect(s) of life am I experienced?

me versus the world | twenty-some years ago

After some psychological trauma and anxiety (cue quarter-life crisis!), I began to think of age in another way: like art.

Age is just a number in the same way that paint is just color, pens are just ink, and paper is just thinly sliced trees.

It’s what you do with your materials that matters.

Having said that, I think I’ll celebrate 25 like I did 5: by finger painting and making a huge, fantastic mess. The only difference is I can’t rely on my mom to clean up after me…

Happy early/belated/right-on-time birthday to all you Scorpios out there!


2 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought

  1. Happy birthday! I actually liked 25, since I felt like a real adult and my insurance was cheaper. But I hated 30 and every one after that is just another nail in the coffin 🙂


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