This Thursday’s Thought

Early morning essay writing

 (Photo cred: Oliver Quinlan)

This week I had my first official tutoring session with a student who sought me out earlier in the month to help re-construct an essay for her entry-level English class (AKA undergraduate hell). We writers tend to hole ourselves up behind a desk, so far removed from human interaction that we forget what it feels like to be physically near another person.

…okay, I’m being dramatic, but it was nice to work with a client face-to-face for a change. As far as I know, I still have somewhat functioning social skills.

I thought I’d borrow inspiration from this essay-fueled experience and share a video thought with you this week. A vlog for my blog.

I must confess that I became obsessed with “The Daily Grace” after my ex-roommate sat me down in front of her YouTube channel and insisted we were soul mates. In the most platonic of ways, he was right. The girl is freaking hilarious. I only wish I had her wit and what appears to be a bottomless closet.

Here’s how to write an essay, according to Grace.

Happy studying to those of you in the thick of midterm season.



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