This Thursday’s Thought

You don’t need vision to have vision.

If you know me, you know I’m unusually prone to injury. I’ve come to accept this as a part of who I am and do my best to find humour in it.

Case in point: On Saturday night I was the “lucky” recipient of a corneal abrasion across the left half of my left eye from my girlfriend’s brand-spankin’-new [massive] solitaire engagement ring. (I’m not the lucky one, really – she is. That diamond is gorgeous!)


Don’t worry, I’m fine. Aside from some temporary vision loss, swelling, and a surprise allergy to erythromycin (learned this one the hard way), I can’t help but laugh at the timeliness of such a freak accident. As you can see, this year I am especially grateful for Halloween:


My busy lifestyle isn’t conducive to three days of mandatory bed rest, but since I was without choice, I got to thinking.

In psychology you learn about sensory deprivation and how, in moderation, it tends to produce meditative and relaxing effects. The irony here is you’re probably learning about it while in sensory overdrive. I digress…

I was pleased to discover when I closed my eyes, I also closed off a great deal of external stimulation and got to take a long, leisurely bath in my imagination.

Three days later, I emerged bursting with ideas and a newfound appreciation for shut-eye (pun intended).

I’m not suggesting you rush out the door hell-bent on joining the next meditation class you can find, but don’t underestimate the power of taking time to take a break. You might surprise yourself with what you’ve tucked into the deep pockets of your mind.

…hopefully it doesn’t take a slap in the face (and I mean that quite literally) to get you searching.


[I can’t believe I just wrote that… and that I’m choosing not to erase it…]

3 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought

  1. I like your one-eyed perspective here! Very incisive! (sorry for the bad puns, they just happen, I can’t help myself) Can’t remember the last time I paused to meditate, breath, be still. Clearly I need to because what you wrote resonates.

  2. Aaaarrrrhh matey, i know what your going as for halloween anyway
    as for the meditation i prefer whiskey to find my inspiration and new ideas


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