The Rooster for Spareparts

By the end of this post, I promise the title will make a lot more sense to some of you.

A few months back, I shared some exciting news about joining the Fine Lifestyles freelance team. To my chagrin, unfortunately, this post was premature. As a freelancer, I’ve learned quickly that a job isn’t actually a job until someone gets paid. Up until that point, it’s volunteering. Am I right?! After a lot of bureaucratic back-and-forth that ultimately left me standing in the same spot I’d started (square one), I decided to quit expending unnecessary energy and take this whole incident to mean it was not meant to be. This isn’t to say I don’t respect the magazine’s mission and/or content, but I see this departure as creating room for new opportunities in my life. I think this is what they call the ‘silver lining’, no?

As luck would have it, I recently took on work as Saskatoon’s newest contributor for the Rooster, lifestyles e-magazine of the Western Canadian franchise Spareparts. For those of you who don’t know, Spareparts carries brand names big and small for snowboard gear, eyewear, shoes, jewellery, and virtually any accessory you can dream of.

What draws me to the brand isn’t just the product (be mine, Michael Kors!) but that the company is very community-oriented. The blog itself is earthy, cultural, and driven by the arts. I think I’ll fit in just fine.

Every week or so, I will be sharing with the Rooster readers (chicks? cockerels?) about concerts, events, and businesses in the Saskatoon area. To all my beautiful readers: don’t worry, I won’t leave you! This blog is my brain-child, my baby, and a big part of my personal and professional development. I appreciate you coming along for the ride.

I’m very proud to share with you all my very first Rooster post about last Saturday’s Lows in Motion “Shaker,” an annual Parkinson’s fundraiser evening put on by Travis Low, a friend and an inspiration who I plan to feature in greater depth down the road.

To learn more about Lows in Motion, visit their website, Facebook page, follow the conversation on Twitter, or take a browse through the photos below (credit: Forte Ideas) to see what you missed out on. There’s always next year!

looking forward to next year’s 5th annual event!

feeling mexi-sexy

one of these things is not like the other

What do you want to read about, Saskatoon?

Making life happen,



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