This Thursday’s Thought

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I’ll admit it: I’ve fallen prey to blogger’s block – writer’s block’s big, fat, ugly cousin – over the course of the last few weeks. It’s not that the ideas aren’t there, it’s that they’re overshadowed by this menacing anxiety about how to manifest them into something people will actually want to read.

These are generally the days I look longingly at my journals and their tantalizing promises of privacy and security.

These are also the days I, in an effort to prolong the inevitable, detour on my commute home from work in search of what the radio DJ describes as a 200+ mob of screaming tweenagers parading through downtown Saskatoon with posters and hopes of scoring one of the last pair meet-and-great passes for the Justin Bieber concert. (Embarrassing, but true. At least I wasn’t in the mob…)

After arriving at home, sitting down to dinner, clicking through my bank statements, catching up (read: wasting time) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media platform but WordPress, I finally gathered the gusto to open a new post and stare that evil, blinking cursor square in the face.

Then I thought: well, maybe I’ll catch up on what other bloggers are writing first…

…and I’m glad I did!

Here is why I believe in productive procrastination, my thought for this week:

The first post that pulled up on my WordPress reader was yesterday’s post by Ollis Morales of Courage 2 Create, rated one of the top ten blogs for writers for 2 years running and my first “Follow” when I joined the WordPress family. Below is the excerpt that (finally) willed that cursor of mine to move:

Getting Unstuck In Your Blogging

Feeling stuck in your blogging today? Having trouble posting regularly?

That’s fine.

Just ask yourself: “How can I help my blog readers?”

Look for your blog reader’s problems, and then find the solutions to their problems. Then give your readers those solutions. This process guarantees that you will never run out of topics to blog about.

Ask yourself today: “How can I help my blog readers?”

Cue “A-Ha!” moment.

Earlier today I’d received texts from friends and family (I love you, mom!) gently pointing out I had yet to publish a post this week.

So “How can I help my blog readers?” …by giving them something to read!

This week I’d like to tip my hat to all of you who push me when I stop moving and especially to those who embrace the oftentimes fear-inducing reality that a lot of what we write, paint, or say isn’t gold, but at least we’re writing, painting, and speaking. Sometimes it is only through procrastination (or what I consider to be “the scenic route”) that we recognize where we need to go.



5 responses to “This Thursday’s Thought

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jacque.

      I took a walk through your blog and have to say I appreciate the way you deliver your words with honesty and ease. Don’t let that story rejection you blogged about get you down — instead, focus on how courageous it was of you to send your work off and take a chance so many others are paralyzed to inaction by.

      • Thanks for viewing my blog and I greatly appreciate your comments. I’ve always admired the courageousness and persistence of other writers who get multiple rejections. For me, it was a much needed dose of reality. My overeagerness to have my story published had superceded my efforts to develop my craft into a style that would attract readers (the way we all want to).


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