This Thursday’s Thought

This Thursday’s thought comes from where I come from: my mom.

She shared the following image/quote with me and I thought I’d pay this feel-good thought forward to you all:

photo cred: words over pixels []

The words speak for themselves, but let me try my hand at them, too.

Though it may be teetering on the edge of blasphemy to do so, I suggest an amendment to Ms. Woolf’s quote (with the utmost and highest order of respect, of course). I’d argue that it is not until we embrace our authentic selves that we have the ability – let alone choice – to sparkle. Perhaps there is no need, per se, but it is an inevitable by-product if nothing else and it flows through into the relationships you carry and the work you produce.

Also – the word “sparkle” is much too girly for me, but I’ll let that one slide. This time.

Many of us are slightly tarnished, but if you keep working at it things will get better (and brighter!).



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