Smiles are 30% off Today

I wasn’t kidding when I told you last week I was (im)patiently waiting for September 25th to roll around.

My first order of business after work was to head straight for the new fiction releases at McNally Robinson’s and grab my long-awaited copy of Love Anthony. I would have gone before work but neither myself nor the bookstore are very operational at 7AM…


Even before diving into its content, this book already has me hooked. 30% off? Yes, please!

Expect a review in the near future since I have a strong inclination I won’t soon put this one down.

I’m always looking for new books, so toss out suggestions by leaving me a comment or using my ‘Contact /jr‘ form. At the moment I think I’m up to six reads on the go but, then again, seven is the luckiest number.

I’ll talk to you all when I come out of what some may call solitary confinement but I think of as time spent with new (albeit fleeting) friends.

…I’m such a bookworm.



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