Good Things Come in Threes: [Im]patiently Awaiting ‘Love Anthony’


Three (Photo credit: Hub☺)

Many domains draw from what’s called the “Rule of Three,” from public speaking to aviation to Wicca. I should point out that list of three was completely unintentional and, to clear the record, I am not a practicing Wiccan. I may be left-handed, but I’m no witch.

Allow me to quote Wikipedia (and bear the sound of every psychology professor I’ve ever had curse my name under their breath) because it aligns well with where this post is headed:


[As somewhat of an aside, Wikipedia also taught me the Latin phrase omne trium perfectum translates to “everything that comes in threes is perfect” and/or “every set of three is complete.” I guess mom and dad knew what they were doing when they decided two was too few and four was too many.]

Getting to the point…

Lisa Genova has been a favourite author of mine since Mike hit the jackpot and placed her first novel – Still Alice – in my Christmas stocking almost three years ago. I devoured that book in an afternoon and can honestly say my copy has seen nearly of a dozen pairs of hands since. History repeated itself in 2011 with Left Neglected and I am counting down the days until Genova’s third release, “Love Anthony,” on Tuesday, September 25th.

The cover of Genova’s third bestseller-to-be

As I’ve said before and will surely say again, I am a lover of all things interdisciplinary. Genova’s ability to transform the extraordinary into the ordinary is bolstered by her academic background in bio and neuropsychology. From Alzheimer’s to left neglect (a rare neurological condition following severe head trauma) and now to autism, Genova tackles the brain from the inside out by placing an illness in the hands of a seeing, thinking, and feeling character. As a psychology-major-turned-writer myself, I can see how accusations of bias might pop up, but I see any opportunity to inform the masses about mental health a worthy cause for promotion.

I think the release of “Love Anthony” is well-timed as it will add a clear yet dynamic voice to the ongoing conversations about autism. To be succinct, autism is a neurological spectrum disorder that is, in and of itself, elusive in cause, characteristics, and treatment. Prevalence rates of autism have soared in the last decade (the reasons for which are themselves subject for debate), ultimately becoming the most common neurological disorder or severe developmental disability of childhood. In light of this pervasiveness, we must remember what lies at the heart of such a disorder: a child, a family, and a community. In all her works to date, Genova has done an exceptional job of grounding her stories in a rich, almost heartbreakingly true social milieu, and for that I haven’t a trace of doubt that this third novel will make omne trium perfectum ring even truer.

The Three Sisters | Blue Mountains, Australia

Mark next Tuesday on your calendars and pay a visit to your local bookstore. For those of you in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, or – to my surprise and delight – New York City, may I recommend supporting McNally Robinson, my piece of heaven on earth. They ship, too, you know!

[Im]patience is a virtue (or so I’m telling myself),


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