This Thursday’s Thought

My original plan this week was to offer a thought (or two) on home ownership, as Mike and I took possession of our first home this past Friday. As it happens, my plans have since changed.


A confession: I, too, struggle with the English language as much as the next guy or doll. Learning is a life-long practice and it would be pretentious of me to stand before you and make the false claim that being a freelance writer and editor makes me an all-knowing English whiz. It doesn’t.

In drafting my post, I was caught in the middle of a grammatical stand-off between “me and Mike’s house” and “Mike’s and my house.” For fear of erring in front of an audience, I turned to my trusted ally Google for an answer. Surprisingly, it seems other people have been wondering how to refer to our new home, as I found a
real example (submitted by someone other than myself, I assure you) with Jessica and Mike, “imaginary” home owners. What a strange coincidence, right? For those of you left wondering, the majority rules with “Mike’s and my house,” so there you have it.

This newly-discovered website – Pain in the English – is a cute catch-all for grammatical grey areas. While the concept is similar to an earlier post I wrote about the Grammarist, the site content here is determined by questions/comments/pet peeves submitted by the reading and writing masses in an effort to spark dialogue and social sharing of opinions and ideas.

This week’s thought: don’t let uncertainty get you down. Channel that energy into curiosity and cultivate new knowledge and skill.

Now that we have a working Internet connection, I promise new posts are on the horizon.

Keep creating.



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