This Thursday’s Thought

Let’s face it: writers are keen observers of the world around them. In my opinion, experience is a catalyst for imaginative innovation and you risk missing out if you’re not paying the world your full attention. (I could prattle on about mindfulness until you become mindless, but obviously that’s counter-productive.)

A few weeks ago I caught the tail end of a conversation and one sentence has been marinating in my mind ever since:

“You can demonize anyone with language.”

It’s a powerful thing – both the statement and the implications of it. We speak in a multitude of ways: with our lips, our hands, our pens, our paintbrushes. No matter how you slice it, you’re still holding a knife.

I took this as a terrific reminder to use your creative energy for good and not evil. Keep in mind, though, that “good” is relative and can mean building a powerfully accurate and captivating villain who himself is wicked, even though you as the artist are not.


That’s my thought for this Thursday; what’s yours?



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