This Thursday’s Thought

Go play outside!

That’s all there is to it this week, folks. Not only is being outdoors good for you, it’s good to you, too.

As creatives, we often pour ourselves (time, money, energy, etc.) into our craft and labour for hours on end to breathe life into our visions. Sometimes these ventures threaten to become loveless, as we don’t allow ourselves to push ‘Pause’ and have a life outside of art. We become shut-ins and forget how good it feels to stretch our limbs and fill our lungs with fresh air. (It really does feel good, in case you forgot.)

Three years ago I picked up beach volleyball as my personal commitment to being outside for one hour every week. Reasonable, right? Ish. I’ll be honest: there are days I wish for rain so I can have an extra hour indoors to get things accomplished. For this I am not proud.

I could write out a “Top Ten Reasons to Play Outside” post, but you can find lists here, or here, or here. My wish is that one day we won’t need lists to trigger a semi-conscious reminder to get our asses out the door.

Last night our rec league (read: beer league) volleyball team lost out of play-offs, but I want to give a shout-out to my fellow Sandy Cracks for the flukes, the spikes, the beers, and the laughs. Cheers to next year!


What I’m trying to say is: keep creating, but spend some time outside first!



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