long weekenDIY

As virtually anyone clicking around Pinterest would agree, the hardest part of a DIY is D’ing it. Ideas and inspiration may run rampant, but there never seems to be enough time or motivation to make your design/kitchen/wedding dreams reality. [On a semi-related note, I am a textbook Pinaholic. If you’re interested to see a visual mosaic of what I like, visit my pinboards by clicking here.]

Mike and I are now twenty-four days away from possession of our first home, and I am committed to creating a beautiful space that defines and inspires us. If you’re going to do something – do it right! Right?

When I’m not pinning, writing, editing, eating, or sleeping, chances are I’m shopping. I recently scored two burlap-blend floral pillows and wanted to keep on with the rustic feel. It is just my luck that all the Zellers franchises are closing their doors and re-emerging as Targets (be still, my heart!), so I found a warm beige throw pillow for next-to-nothing to craft with.

Here’s the finished product and a look at how I got there:

What do you need to achieve this look?

  • A fabric marker (weapon of choice: Marvy Uchida fine-tipped black marker)
  • Stencils in the font/size of your choice
  • Words

This last “material” seems simple, no? That’s what we thought, but finding a lyric/quote/sentiment that not only resonated with us but also fit on the pillow was tough. We eventually happened across a famed quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Live free – I love it.

Thanks to apartmenttherapy.com for the inspiration!

I also found time this long weekend to visit Saskatoon’s Fringe Festival, a creative collective of art, theatre, clothing, and music from around the corner and around the world. Mike’s cousin Courtney and I picked out matching skull beads (a-la Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas) and went back in time by making braided friendship bracelets.

A successful weekenDIY indeed!

Keep creating.



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