Bite-sized grammar C/O the Grammarist

Anyone I’ve edited for knows (and maybe even loathes) that I take my job in stride and make a point of offering not only the “WHAT” but also the “WHY” of each red tick mark I make. Having said that, I’m not here to be a hard-ass; I’m here to help. Honestly.

I wanted to introduce you to The Grammarist, a user-friendly hub for all things grammar: spellings, idioms, new words, non-words, and everything in between. Trust me, there’s a lot in between.

Grammar police

Photo credit: the_munificent_sasquatch

Though I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, I’m the first to admit I have much left to learn. In a way, that’s the appeal of writing: because we are human and not computers (yet?), there is always room for growth and improvement.

I encourage you to share your own tools (websites, books, lessons-learnt-the-hard-way) below. It is my hope to build a community as well as a business!

Keep creating.


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