A freelancer’s two favourite words…

“You’re hired!”

A close second goes to “Paid work.” This early in the entrepreneurial game, though, I’m just happy to get my name out.

How happy, you ask?

(White sand dunes | Mui Ne | Vietnam)


I was taught that while risk may not always lead to reward, every reward carries with it an element of risk. Bearing that in mind, I left my comfort zone and contacted the editor at Fine Lifestyles – a Saskatchewan-based enterprise of magazines celebrating where we live and the way we live. Be prepared to relinquish any pre-conceptions of Prairies life as dull, boring, and uneventful, people!

I am so pleased to announce that this home-grown brand is taking a chance on me and that I am officially hired on as their newest freelance writer

Thank-you to all those who pushed me to see, do, be, and achieve more. My “Make Life Happen” mantra is paying off in a big way.

Keep checking back for progress and other updates. There are good things on the horizon that I’m excited to share with all of you, in the hopes that they will snowball into great things.

I have to ask: what was your first paid gig and how did you make it happen?


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